31-ви май, 2016г., вторник, 03:36

Now I understand. I was addiction for you. And you tried to get away from me but you couldn’t while still been here. Now I understand you were afraid from what you can take from me. You were afraid you can’t replace me with anything else. You were afraid you will depend on what I can give you. You were afraid to give yourself to me because you may lose yourself. But you know there will be no other like me. And you’ll never find this satisfaction again. And I wish I was saying this pleased, knowing that I actually was such an enormous affection. But everything in me is broken. Because you were the same addiction for me. And you may afraid to lose yourself in someone but I don’t. All my life I wanted to find you and to lose myself in you. In you who can control me with a single gesture. In you who can make me faint by only looking at me. In you who no other will ever be able to replace. And you run. Was I too brave or you were too scared? What should I do now when I know what I want, what I need, but I know I can’t have it?

I trust that, I believe that. I want you and I will have you.

Someday, somehow…